Why Marketing Managers Sometimes Lose their Creativity

Every Marketing Manager is expected to come up with new, and exciting direct marketing ideas that will grab attention, increase stability and market share. But marketing managers can, and do get caught up in the 9 to 5 grind, and find their creativity wanes or plain just disappears

I will discuss with you a few of the most common pitfalls marketing managers fall into, and how they can get back their creative juices fast!

They don’t make time to think creatively

Look, if every marketing campaign was simple, and clear cut you wouldn’t have to have meeting after meeting to discuss new ideas. You could just role out the same old campaign month in and month out, but that’s just plain not possible – unless you had a control on your hands of course.

But the fact is, ideas don’t come flowing out of your mind at will, and marketing campaigns are not all made equal. So you must put aside time on a daily basis to allow your creative juices to flow.

They limit themselves when thinking creatively

It will be hard for you to find that genius idea that brings in huge ROIs if you limit your ideas to what you perceive to be doable, affordable or politically correct.

Not all wonderful ideas are going to be expensive to put into place, or even hard to do. So just allow your mind to wonder, and write down every single idea that comes to your head unabated.

The best way to do this is to ask yourself – What would I do if I knew we had no financial limits and the campaign couldn’t fail?

They don’t create campaigns that excite or motive them

Marketing campaigns can be tough work to put in place because they are designed to stretch you, your team and bring in the best possible results. That is why it’s important to think up exciting ideas that will excite both you and your team long enough to motivate them to put your ideas in place.

They don’t clearly state their company’s USP

Far too many companies walk out into the market place without considering how they will be perceived there or spend any quality time identifying what makes them different from the rest.

I realise this is something that should be in place before you work for your company, but you’ll be doing yourself, and your campaigns a large favor if you figured out what your competitors are doing, then differentiated yourself from them.