Sign Marketing Guide For Your Lawn Care Business

For the most part, your garden maintenance business grows with its reputation by word of mouth from happy clients leading to increased business. The problem with word of mouth, however, is that it is out of your control. Signage, on the other hand, is an effective marketing strategy that is within your control, and here are some of the best types of marks to use for marketing a garden maintenance business.

Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners are large, easy to adjust, and quite affordable. They are a great product for garden care companies because they can be easily installed near your high-quality work to show off your skills (of course, with your client’s approval). Another great way to use vinyl banners is to hang them next to your work trailer while you are working. Passing riders will see banners and hopefully contact you!

Car Decals are other great products to use on your trailer. You can print large designs that display your work, along with your important contact information, and apply it directly to the vehicle. If you have a business truck fleet, stickers look unique and unique, and are the best way to identify your garden maintenance business and build a brand.

Car Magnets – If you use an employee’s personal vehicle, or if you want something less permanent, car magnets are still a great way to use cellular marketing for your benefit. You can place it on the door and tub of your truck; make sure they identify your business name and important contact information so customers will know who to contact.

Window Signs-If you have a real business window, you have a great opportunity to use signage. Remember that you sell convenience services – something that your clients can technically do themselves. You want customers to see the value of hiring your business, so they can focus on the things they like. Thus, your window nameplate must have some kind of emotional connection, so that when your viewers see it, they want to come in and hire you right away! Use full-size one-way vision graphics or vinyl decals for large installations. Even window clings can be useful for temporary promotions because they have no adhesive and can be easily removed.

As you can see, there is a product that is perfect for the budget of every lawn care business and desired intention. While the typical forms of advertising such as advertisements and print advertisements can be very expensive, signage is affordable, unique, and pays for itself quickly.

Michael Allen works as Marketing Director in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with large companies and local small businesses for more than 20 years. His extensive experience in marketing places him as an expert in helping developing businesses using marketing tactics.