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wet tissue machine suppliers China
1.  Machine                                                            
2.  Machine parameter
DCW2700 Technical Parameter
1.Power : 380V 50HZ
2.Power supply: 13KW
3.Speed:  3000-4000pcs/min
4.Unfolding size(mm): (120-250)×(150-250) (L×W)
5.Folded size (mm): (120-250)×(90-120) (L×W)
6.Folded type: Pop up or Non-Pop up(Adjustable)“Z”“W”“C”
7.12 single base raw material shelves
8.Raw material width(mm): 180-220
9.Product type: baby wipes, dress up wipes, lady wipes, cleaning wipes
10.Suitable material: spunlace
11.GSM: 40 -80g/m2
12.Installation space(mm): 10000×2000×2400 (L×W×H)
13.Weight: 9T   
KGT340B Technical parameter
1. Power supply: Three phase 380V 50HZ
2. Power: About 6KW
4. Production speed: 40-60 packs/min
5. Packing Size(mm): (180-320) x (80-120) x (20-90) (L×W×H)
6. Size of machine(mm): 4700 x 1200 x 2350 (L×W×H)
Main features:
1.Counting model:Counting automatically, automatic adjustable stacking system.  
2.Wetting system:Double tanks with agitators.  
3.Raw material short cutting, cut length can be adjusted.
4.Semi-servo design, with scientific design and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.  
5.Main electrical parts approved by CE or UL license, with safety door and E-stop and relative safety system.
6.Main mechanical parts made by CNC, main electric parts from Japan famous brand (Mitsubishi, OMARON).  
7.PLC control system and monitoring system.  
8.Adopted hard alloy for long life cutter.
3.  DCW2700+KGT340B Production Process Flow      
12 rolls raw material unrolling → folding→wetting→cutting→stacking→counting→transmitting→ feeding→ labeling→ code online→ packing→ finished products  
4.  Finished Products                      
5.  Machine Video     
6. Company View                                                

7. Company Power

8. Certification
  wet tissue machine suppliers China
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