Is Multi Level Marketing a REAL Home Based Business?

Is multi level marketing a legitimate home based business? Is network marketing an industry where you can really make money? Let’s discuss the options that you have if you’re looking to make an income from home, and discuss what to avoid.

First, realize that network marketing/multi level marketing/mlm IS a real industry. There are hundreds of companies, many of which have been around for decades. HOWEVER, many traditional mlm companies will require you to show presentations, sell products, make cold calls, and more to create a team and/or an income.

Many people become involved in network marketing because they want to work from home. They want to be able to come home after work and build something that is going to create them a residual income. While this is definitely possible, many people also don’t want to have to waste time driving to appointments and attending seminars.

Many stay-at-home moms want to be productive while the kids are at school during the day, so they search for a home based business opportunity. However, because of the above requirements, it makes it difficult for them to grow an mlm company during the day because many of the people they want to network with will be working during those hours.

So, in my opinion, when you’re looking for a network marketing company to join… and you want it to be truly a HOME BASED business… here are a few things you should look for:

1.) Make sure that the mlm company has automated systems in place. What I mean by this is make sure that the network marketing company has personalized websites for their reps that capture prospects information (name, email, phone number), share the info on the comp plan and products, and can sign up new distributors on the spot. This eliminates the need for you to spend hours driving to and from meetings. This also eliminates the need for YOU to spend YOUR time showing presentations and selling. Your prospective partners and customers can get the information at any time that they want because it’s available on your personalized website.

2.) Make sure that the mlm company allows their reps to advertise. When you learn a few techniques that will drive traffic to your personalized website, you can create endless leads for your business and profit 24/7 because your automated system and advertising is doing much of the work for you.

These are 2 BIG factors to determine if the mlm company is TRULY a home based business or if you’re going to be spending a lot of time showing presentations and going to weekly meetings.

The One Key to Success For Your Home Based Business Marketing

If you are with a Network Marketing home based business you probably started out in a blaze of enthusiasm only to find there was no home based business marketing program to go with it. You probably also found that most people you talked to did not share your enthusiasm about the opportunity you were offering. And maybe your up line didn’t have any skills to offer you either, not that they told you that at the time, right?

I had a similar experience, in fact that exact experience. You not only feel let down, you feel cheated. Or at least I did. I was so excited to get into the network marketing opportunity I joined (and it wasn’t that cheap either) that I just assumed there would be a complete home based business marketing training program to go with it. I was ready to do anything and soak up every little detail of what I was being told to do. After all they did say “complete turn-key system”.

It wasn’t until after I got started that I found out that the team I joined, although very successful, didn’t really know that much about marketing on the internet. They had heard of a few things that others were doing with reasonable success and he shared those, but he didn’t know the details, or really have a plan to offer me.

Their success did not revolve around home based business marketing knowledge as I had expected, but had more to do with good timing with the business opportunity, a down line who were not fully positioned and were therefore handing up sales, and a couple keywords that they had managed to build their whole business around using pay-per-click advertising.

An amazing outcome, but not an overall marketing strategy that could be shared to the benefit of others. Pay-per-click is a powerful method, but can be very expensive if you don’t have a very good understanding of how to use it – and there is a lot more to marketing on the internet.

I knew I had to go elsewhere for help so I started scanning the internet for answers – probably like you are now, and to my great relief I found that the answers were there. The marketing training I was after did exist.

What is needed by network marketers is training that focuses on getting traffic to your website or lead capture page.

It needs to cover:

Copy writing
Building your list
Marketing Methods

These are some of the basics and they apply to internet marketing in general but if you can get a program that is focused primarily on generating leads, it will be most beneficial. I found that there were a lot of different training systems on offer for home based business marketing and that the best option was to choose one targeted at getting fast traffic.

3 Home Based Business Opportunities That Make Money Online

The new trend in the business is working from home. As the World Wide Web is growing, the number of people using it is also growing at the same pace. Thus, the same with home business opportunities that are being attracted by many moms, young and elderly people alike.

So how does one find the best work from home business opportunities on the Internet today? There are many sources where one can find a good number of home based business opportunities. Simply searching the term “home based business opportunities” in the Google search engine will give you a good number of results. After looking the results you may get confused. Indeed, many of the home based business opportunities are listed as the websites in the search engine depending upon their popularity.

Whatever may be the type of work, there is one thing in common. All of them provide a good opportunity to make money online just by simply working from home.

Let us take a closer look at the top money making opportunities on the Internet that you could earn sitting in your pajamas:

1. Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate Programs simply give you an affiliate link where you can use it in your website/blog. When visitors buy a product or service from your link, then a certain portion of the product’s price is credited to your account which we call it as a commission. There are affiliate programs which award commission upto 75% of the product’s price and 5% on the lower side. However, the most acceptable commission range is between 25%-50%. Some affiliate programs directly deposit the commission amount into your bank accounts, and some offer checks which are issued bimonthly.

2. Paid Surveys Online:

Paid surveys are really hot these days. Many Multi National Companies are willing to pay a good amount for filling out the surveys online. These companies in the name of conducting market research are infact catching the pulse of the customers and thus they are paying for the opinions of the customers. Getting paid for online surveys is very simple. You just need to sign-up the membership of paid survey sites and fill the surveys comfortably sitting at home.

3. Network Marketing:

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing is a unique type of money making opportunity when you actually recruit other sales people into an organization or down line in order to sell products. This type of marketing has been confused with illegal pyramids in the past. But, in truth some of the largest multi national companies such as Amway, Avon, Unilever and Tupperware to name just a few can all be categorized as MLM.

These are just a few of the different types of home based business opportunities that you will find while browsing on the Internet. If truly applied and molded, the internet can create wonders generating a great multiple steams of income at your doorstep.

Integrity in Network Marketing – Home Based Business Advertising

I have recently been reading all kinds of articles, blogs and reports that are putting down companies and then at the end, promote the writers own. This seems a lot like a dirty political race where everyone tries to slander the other to get ahead. Not sure why or how these people think that it benefits them, or why the people that read these pages actually believe this person.

My background consists of a degree in Business Administration Marketing and I have been involved in many different aspects of advertising for a lot of various industries. For the past 7 years, I have been an owner of a home based MLM business and do advertising for retail as well as the business opportunity. I never understood slandering someone else to get people to like you…doesn’t make sense to me.

The work from home industry is a tough business as it is, and finding one that is legitimate is even harder. Now do not get me wrong, I believe in making sure that all the scams that are out there get exposed and the only way to do this is to write about them. This is not what I am talking about though. I am talking about those out there that put down, slander and try to discredit their competition to try and make themselves look better. Why can’t they try and advertise on the merits of their business and attract prospects that way. I think it is because they either do not know what the merits are or do not understand them. It is easier to put someone else down than to prove yourself in the eyes of another.

All MLM and Network Marketing businesses have one major benefit in common. All provide the opportunity for people to make money from home. After this, each has their own aspects that would appeal to prospects. Why do they not focus on those unique benefits instead? All this name calling, finger pointing and accusations only put us all in a bad light in the eye of the public. And isn’t it this public that we are trying to gain as clients or business prospects? If you cannot prove to these people why they should join your or take your product instead of another company’s, then why do you not belong to that other company? This should give you something to think about.