The Difference Between “polite” And “friendly”

Why is it so important for your customer service team (no matter how large or small) to be truly friendly instead of being coached to act “polite”?

Being just “Polite” can make customers feel uncomfortable, disconnected, and can often cost you new business or repeat business.

This past weekend a friend took my wife Melanie and I to one of the nicer restaurants in Orlando.

We were seated quickly with a smile and received “good” service. It was obvious the staff was well-disciplined and knew what to do in each situation, but we all felt uneasy, if not uncomfortable throughout the night.

The food was perfect and everything came on time.

I couldn’t put my finger on the problem until we were on the way home and my friend said: “Did you notice how fake the waiters/waitresses and shift managers were?”

They were all trained how to be polite, how to do their jobs, but they weren’t genuinely friendly. It wasn’t too difficult to tell they detested their task, and this is common in many customer service oriented roles.

How can you be sure your customer service team is capturing all of the sales and repeat business they can?

Since advertising can be expensive and a bit of a “buckshot” anyway (Unless you’re with DDD =o) you want to convert as many inbound calls and walk-ins as possible into new and repeat customers.
I know this is a painfully obvious statement, just roll with me here =o)

I challenge business owners and marketing managers (of all types of companies selling any product or service) to spend a day with your customer service department.

As you observe and interact with them, ask yourself some of the following questions:

Are they truly friendly people or are they just going through the motions?

Does this person or people have a true passion for your business, or did they just “need a job”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d never imply you need to run out to the sales floor and fire your customer service department!

Sure, sometimes people just “need to go”, but try this with your sales / customer service team, then filter out the bad eggs if necessary:

Let them know how important they are to your business by spending an entire day (or more) working with them, taking calls, helping them with the customers.

They will appreciate the fact you have true empathy for what they go through everyday and they will be more loyal to you and your company.

They will feel more comfortable, relaxed and appreciated in their job and feel like a person who is vital to the success of himself and those around him….not like a robot in a cubicle.

You’ll also be surprised how much you learn about your customers and what they really want, so you can give your sales team the best tools to sell!

I’ve done my share of cubicle phone calls and more than my share of over-the-counter parts sales.

When the boss got involved and made calls with us, I always appreciated it and reminded me I need to have some fun and truly connect with the customers.

I eventually was promoted to manager, and I always made sure to spend some time everyday on the counter, pulling parts, on the register, instead of hiding in the office doing paperwork all day.

How to Best Make Money in a Home Based Business

Many home based business people do so well online that they are able to quit their job inside a year of starting up. This is due to the huge customer base that an online home business can draw income from. And unlike a traditional business, the sales process can be easily automated.

Marketing efforts can also be duplicated which means product or service offerings can be seen by a much wider audience with considerably less effort, and often at a much lower advertising cost. But the really awesome part about making money online in a home business is that you don’t even need your own product or service.

The marketing method I am referring to here is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing one of the easiest ways to get up and running with your home based business. Apart from not needing your own product or service, it is actually low cost to set up which in turn makes affiliate marketing very low risk, and very quick to test markets.

If you join a digital info-product retailer such as ClickBank, it’s feasible that you could have multiple affiliate offers up online in matter of hours. If you are looking to simply promote products as an affiliate, ClickBank is free to join and their marketplace is loaded with digital info-products (e-books etc.) on every possible ‘how to’ subject.

Information is the easiest and best commodity to sell in an online home business, especially with the help of ClickBank. They handle the entire transaction which means there is no need for you to worry about running a merchant account. ClickBank also handles refunds which means as an affiliate, we can stay focused on referring sales.

ClickBank is of course only one way of getting started in a home based affiliate marketing business. And because there are so many ways to make money online, it is advised you don’t try and promote too many offers to start with. Start off by focusing on one product and one method, get it profitable and move on to the next.

It is very easy to become discouraged after you attempt a campaign and don’t begin making money straight up. Many new online marketers flip from promoting one product to another without ever really knowing why their campaigns don’t generate any profit. But successful affiliate marketers persist and test beyond the crowd and enjoy the spoils while others are still searching.

How Important is Article Marketing to Your Home Based Business?

Home based businesses have an incredible potential to utilize the internet for their marketing needs. However, I think that oftentimes people get discourage with marketing their local home based business online because they find that the quality of the traffic they receive online is very low.

Now, what if there were an easy way to generate quality traffic to your web site that is already prequalified to have interest in your home based offering? Would you become a little more interested in utilizing the internet to generate interest in your home based business? And what if that prequalified traffic source was practically free, except for your time?

Enter Article Marketing.

Article marketing involves writing articles directly related to the subject matter of your website or home based business offering, and then mass submitting those articles to article directories that specialize in getting your articles read online.

You write 400-700 page articles on topics that directly are related to your ideal customer’s needs, the article directories promote your article for you, and only those people who have already read your article, like what you have to say, like your style, and want to know more about you and your business or product will click through. Imagine in your home based business that you had just 10 more qualified prospects every single day and it only took you one hour a day to write couple of articles and submit them. What do you think?

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

When promotional techniques are applied in a manner that is practical, the business discipline is referred to as marketing management. The activities and resources of a company associated with promotions are a major focus in this discipline. The responsible party in charge of customer demand, timing, and the influence of the level is a manager. This individual does not have a set role as the size of a company, the context of the industry and the corporate culture can change the duties included in that role. One of those roles can be as a general manager of the product assigned to him or her.

Marketing management encompasses a wide range of things based upon the size of the company. The basis of the idea of this kind of promotion control are resources and activities that build relationships with customers who are drawn to the company. As a reference, Keller and Kotler have a definition that encapsulates the delivery of services and products to customers. This is what makes this kind of marketing unique because the promotions require every aspect of a company to be involved in bringing customers in. Everything about a company influences customers to take part in the purchase of that companys services and products.

The production of customers and seeking new and creative ways to bring in customers are the primary function of such management, and these two functions must be done exceptionally well to ensure that a companys growth continues. In order to continue to grow with successful promotions, expenses have to be considered outside of those primary functions to save money while effectively using resources in order to expand a companys profitability. The portion of a business that always maintains its creativity and uniqueness is the marketing management of that organization. It keeps the business fresh and alive.

It is important to be aware of the general perception of what marketing is for businesses outside of your business. Although we have discussed the creativity of marketing management, its broad scope and focus on the production and innovation of customers, there is a much more rigid perspective to what marketing management is, and this topic has become quite controversial to executives. Many promotional activities only include the formation of fliers and brochures, so to give a department that much more control would rock the boat. Meshing both the old ideas and new ideas of promotions will create a much broader use of these strategies while holding on to the traditional touch that is so often absent from campaigns.