Marketing Strategies and Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

In order to increase and maintain its market share, a company must improve the quality of its goods and services. A well designed product that meets the demands of its customers is important for effective marketing but not enough to ensure marketing success.

Consumers need also to know that the product is available and must understand its benefits and advantage over the competition. Advertising should appeal to the feelings of customers. Price is probably the most common appeal. Others seek to arouse a desire for style, beauty and time-saving devices. While others are directed towards emotions, fears of being left out and pride of ownership.

When the role of advertising in a company promotion strategy is established, then the target audiences are selected. In addition, specific objectives are set, like setting a budget or choosing a mode of marketing, whose establishment enables advertising to fulfill its role. Business promotion is viewed as a communication process between the company and its target audience. Informing, reminding, and advocating are the purposes of business promotion component integrated in the marketing mix.

The marketing management must review the key strengths and weaknesses of each major marketing tool to emphasize the importance of blending the different tools into the advertising campaign.

Once a marketing plan has been reached, action to implement the promotion strategies needs to be taken immediately. Advertising is perhaps the most convenient tool of marketing as it reaches huge markets. Nevertheless, apart from advertising, other tools such as direct selling, publicity and sales promotion should also be applied. All these marketing tools should be appealing and convincing enough to attract customers.