Integrity in Network Marketing – Home Based Business Advertising

I have recently been reading all kinds of articles, blogs and reports that are putting down companies and then at the end, promote the writers own. This seems a lot like a dirty political race where everyone tries to slander the other to get ahead. Not sure why or how these people think that it benefits them, or why the people that read these pages actually believe this person.

My background consists of a degree in Business Administration Marketing and I have been involved in many different aspects of advertising for a lot of various industries. For the past 7 years, I have been an owner of a home based MLM business and do advertising for retail as well as the business opportunity. I never understood slandering someone else to get people to like you…doesn’t make sense to me.

The work from home industry is a tough business as it is, and finding one that is legitimate is even harder. Now do not get me wrong, I believe in making sure that all the scams that are out there get exposed and the only way to do this is to write about them. This is not what I am talking about though. I am talking about those out there that put down, slander and try to discredit their competition to try and make themselves look better. Why can’t they try and advertise on the merits of their business and attract prospects that way. I think it is because they either do not know what the merits are or do not understand them. It is easier to put someone else down than to prove yourself in the eyes of another.

All MLM and Network Marketing businesses have one major benefit in common. All provide the opportunity for people to make money from home. After this, each has their own aspects that would appeal to prospects. Why do they not focus on those unique benefits instead? All this name calling, finger pointing and accusations only put us all in a bad light in the eye of the public. And isn’t it this public that we are trying to gain as clients or business prospects? If you cannot prove to these people why they should join your or take your product instead of another company’s, then why do you not belong to that other company? This should give you something to think about.