How to Make Learning Fun for Children

I have been thinking long and hard about how to best perform my job as a father to two boys and a little girl. I obviously want them to turn out to be happy and productive members of society and I wonder about the best course of action to achieve that goal. It seems like children learn best when they are having a lot of fun and you find a way to excite them about the processes. Of course you can choose any toys for kids and they are going to enjoy playing with nearly any of them. I am trying to think about what is the best way to get them active and also to stimulate the desire to learn. My boys are 5 years old and 8 years old. The girl is even younger and turns four in a couple of weeks. So they are very much in the age when you want to set them on the proper course towards being successful, but you do not want to bully them too much and make it an ordeal they will consider to be unpleasant in any way. In theory you want to make the child curious about the natural world and his place in it. You can take them to zoos and to the sorts of places where they are going to be exposed to important concepts without making it a life and death thing to them. So I have been making time for the children to go to things like planetariums and museums. William has decided that he is interested in art and music. He has been learning to play the guitar and the harmonica. I can not say that he is very good at either, but he has really improved rapidly since he began to take lessons from the young lady down the street.