How Important is Article Marketing to Your Home Based Business?

Home based businesses have an incredible potential to utilize the internet for their marketing needs. However, I think that oftentimes people get discourage with marketing their local home based business online because they find that the quality of the traffic they receive online is very low.

Now, what if there were an easy way to generate quality traffic to your web site that is already prequalified to have interest in your home based offering? Would you become a little more interested in utilizing the internet to generate interest in your home based business? And what if that prequalified traffic source was practically free, except for your time?

Enter Article Marketing.

Article marketing involves writing articles directly related to the subject matter of your website or home based business offering, and then mass submitting those articles to article directories that specialize in getting your articles read online.

You write 400-700 page articles on topics that directly are related to your ideal customer’s needs, the article directories promote your article for you, and only those people who have already read your article, like what you have to say, like your style, and want to know more about you and your business or product will click through. Imagine in your home based business that you had just 10 more qualified prospects every single day and it only took you one hour a day to write couple of articles and submit them. What do you think?