Guaranteed Success in a Home Based Business

Have you read the numbers? 90% of people who attempt a Florida home based internet business fail. Those numbers hold true for other business owners as well.

What a depressing and demoralizing figure. If you attempt to start your own business, failure is almost guaranteed? Why on earth would you even try?

Well, the reason you should try is because if you are in the 10% that win, the positive change in your life is beyond anything you can possibly comprehend.

Just imagine for a moment. You can wake up when you’re done sleeping. You can take a vacation whenever you want for as long as you want. You can live in the home of your dreams. You can do the things you want without ever having to worry about the cost.

That’s the reward of being in the 10%. That’s why you should try.

So, is there a way to ensure that you make it into that elite 10% group? The answer is, YES.

First, let’s look at why most people end up in the 90% category. While hundreds of pages could be written on that subject, let me sum it up very simply. They failed to move enough product to pay for their expenses with money left over. In a nut shell, that’s the reason.

So, why does that happen? Again, hundreds of pages can be written about that. However, in the interest of time, allow me to sum it up again. They did not know how to communicate to enough people, for the right cost, to move the amount product needed to pay for reaching those people.

An extreme example to help illustrate the point; if you want to sell 1 candy bar, and you reach people by running a television commercial during the Super Bowl, you’re going to find someone to buy the candy bar. However, that $3 sale will not cover the multi-million dollar expense of finding that one person.

Again, most home business owners are not running Super Bowl commercials. However, the principle holds true. More money is spent trying to find people than is brought in from those who sign on the dotted line.

Solve that problem, and you are GUARANTEED success. It’s that simple.

So, how do you start a Florida home based internet business where you KNOW you are guaranteed success? Well, you need to reach as many people as possible for a little money as possible.

The advantage of starting an internet home based business is that the internet allows you to reach the whole world for FREE.

Almost every home in America has internet access. Many do in other countries as well. This web of connections allows you to reach people in a way that was never possible before in human history.

Many home business owners will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars placing ads and buying leads. Most home business owners believe this is what internet marketing is. Once again, most spend more on advertising than they bring in. Therefore, they fail.

The truth is that TRUE internet marketing is FREE. Yes, free…costs you no money.

So, let’s look at our previous example. If you reach the same amount of people as a Super Bowl ad reaches, and it costs you no money to do it, how much product do you have to move in order make more than you spend on advertising? I think the answer to that is obvious.

What’s required to have guaranteed success in a Florida home based internet business? Learn how to market to millions of people, on the internet, for free. Before you start, you need to seek out partners who have experience in internet marketing. If you don’t, you probably will not succeed trying to learn how to do this by trial and error.