Energy in Our Network Marketing Home Based Business

For the first time I had the opportunity recently to see “the boss – Bruce Springsteen”. Now I am not a huge Springsteen fan but I do have a little knowledge of his work, especially being in high school during the 80’s when his album “Born in the USA” was huge.

Be that as it may, “the boss” lived up to his reputation and literally played for 3 hours and 20 minutes with only a minor 2 minute break. The show just kept going on and on, every time you thought it was over he would run back get another guitar and break into another epic song. Another interesting highlight and apparently a tradition in Springsteen’s concerts, is that he goes into the crowd and collects song titles that are written on poster boards and incorporates them into his show. He calls it “challenge the band”. Just an amazing act to actually do music off the cuff, not knowing what he may collect before the show.

So what does this have to do with building a home based business, well frankly pending on your point of view either nothing or everything? I chose to look at the everything side of it. I will try to dissect this point of view for you and relate it to a home base business.

So why does Springsteen play for 3 hours plus when most entertainers give you about one and half or two hours. It’s called passion; he loves what he does and really puts everything into it. So let’s look at passion in our home based business. Are you passionate for your product or service, could you literally talk for 3 hours about the benefits and the marketing plan. Now I know we will most likely not have to do that but it’s the idea that we like our product that much and have relevant knowledge to promote the product. Again the passion for our product must be there as it is for Springsteen in EVERY song.

The second point I would like to make is of versatility. In our marketing plan for our product we must know our presentations backwards and forwards, inside and out. Because we will encounter so many different people and various buying questions that we must be flexible and versatile in our replies. Much like the versatility of Springsteen to his audience we must perform in the same manner to show our professionalism.

The final point that I will touch upon is in watching Springsteen and his energy level; it became apparent that he was working harder, much harder than his audience. I know that sounds a bit weird but Springsteen was just out of his mind on each and every song putting in maximum effort. So many times in our presentation we talk about how easy it is or that you don’t have to do anything our up line will do all the work. This is the mentality that feeds the negative bottom line as well. We should seek to put in maximum effort each and every day, each and every time we talk to a prospect, give a presentation or attempt a close. If we can emulate the energy that Springsteen does I think you will find your bottom line will grow faster that you ever dreamed.

In conclusion I would like to say thanks Bruce for a great show and I hope to see you again in the near future. Also I would like to appeal to everyone to go out and see live performances. Every time we do this we can learn from experts. Whether it’s a ballgame, a concert etc. it’s like high jacking an office and looking over the shoulder of an expert. So go see the Show! – No Excuses.