Creative Marketing Management Leadership

To some, it means bottom line only. To me, it means increasing teamwork, building communication systems that work, centralizing a message, generating a consistent message and assuring the fundamentals are clearly communicated within your company first to maintain a marketing edge, which then makes your bottom line healthy. With these fundamentals in place, good creative and honest communications can be created.

This includes and makes necessary on my behalf, the need to understand management goals and to then be able to lead your creative marketing team in implementing those goals. You will receive experience which provides significant value to your company in my ability to conceptualize, articulate and implement strategic creative across a broad range of marketing initiatives, including creative, print, direct mail, advertising, brand identity and the internet and it’s increasingly large share of the world’s markets.

You will receive a proven ability to lead a creative team in achieving company visions, and this provides companies we work with well trained knowledge based staff with clear company visions.

This is an investment in your company, not an outsourcing of knowledge.

Part of my philosophy is the need for leaders to trust that their staff have a vested interest in the organization and given the right information regarding revenue and business models, will act in the best interest of the company. To that end, your company will enjoy working with a leader which empowers staff and encourages them to get out into the organization and learn more about the company and be more a part of each and every initiative implemented as a team.

In order for company’s to be successful, they must have good communications, and my experience will bring that to the forefront.

To nurture and mentor individuals in understanding where their piece of the marketing puzzle is most important and keeps staff working within their core competencies, and this helps build great creative and marketing.