Can Network Marketing Equal Home Based Business?

Have you had a friend who asked if you are interested in setting up your very own home based business? I am very sure some of you might have experience that before. Your friend will take out a stack of documents from their bag and starts a business presentation about the earning potential with their network marketing company and a brief explanation about product they have. In your mind, you wonder if this is really a home based business?

Here is a story that you probably find very interesting…

About 5 months ago, I met a new friend, Patrick. He is a rather interesting person. He had formerly own a restaurant franchise which he had sold off. He was also a team leader in a network marketing company but had stopped working on it. You probably be wondering why? Franchises are profitable but why did he sold it off? Being at the top of a network marketing organization makes a lot of money? Yes! Both are definitely profitable businesses, but why did he stop? I was very puzzled.

We sat down and he began to explain to me why? He looked straight at me and said, “I have not been spending much time with my love ones”. He was either out at the restaurant or out meeting up with his prospects and doing business presentation for hours. Working for more than 12 hours a day. He continued saying, “If you are going to stay at home waiting for prospects to come to you, you will not make money! You need to be out there meeting up with new people and presenting the stuff to them!” He was really tired and worn out.

All he wanted was a real solid home based business which he spend more time with his family and still make money from home the same time.

Back to the question, “Can Network Marketing Equals to Home based Business?” My answer is, yes! Internet has made it possible! Many people have yet to realize the power of Internet. With Internet, you can reach to millions of people from all around the world. It’s a new level of playing field for everyone and anyone.

Internet has made network marketing to be an ideal home based business. You can literally work from home, in your shorts and at your own comforts. All you need is a computer with Internet connection and you can start building your own organization from home. That is the beauty of tapping onto the Internet.

I believe that you will be interested to know how Patrick is doing now. Recently, I was chatting with him online and I can tell that he is a happy man. He went into Internet network marketing and made $100,000 in just 3months.

So guys, if you still wondering if network marketing can be the perfect, ideal, profitable and long term home based business? You have just heard Patrick’s story, he is now truly working from home and spending precise time with his family, going out for a family dinner and outings as and when he wants.