6 Top Benefits – Network Marketing Home-Based Business

In today’s world most people are cutting back on their expenses to pay for gas and higher everything bills. You can only cut back so much, the real key is to EARN MORE!

Network Marketing has come a long way over the past 20 years. This is not your fathers Amway. There are many advantages to owning your own home-based network marketing business. We have listed 6 of the top benefits below.

1. Low Risk – You can start a network marketing company with a low initial investment. With your investment you get marketing materials, high quality products, a full blown website to handle your business, training, and support. Everyone’s success is dependent on each other so people are very helpful and are willing to spend the time to help you get started and successful.

2. Income Potential and Residual Income – As you build your organization you are compensated for your growth. The key part of this is the residual income part. You keep earning each month from your organization. This is a very powerful and potentially very rewarding structure.

3. Leveraging the power of others – This ties into the power of residual income. You will generate income from those you bring into your organization and income from people they bring into your organization. As you can see from combining the residual income and the power of others you can see how the income potential is so attractive.

4. Flexibility – You are your own boss running your own business. You can work part time or full time. You can work when and where you want. This is what makes network marketing a great option for stay at home moms. They can work on it as they have time in their busy lives. In fact this is how most people start out. The wife starts out and starts earning a substantial income and the husband takes notice and starts to get more involved and can becomes a very rewarding and successful business for them both. With all the flexibility to do what they want when they want.

5. Tax Benefits – Running a home-based business can substantially lower your tax burden. There are many deductions you may be able to take including office expenses, vehicles, business travel and many other things. You accountant will be able to really give you some good advise about these deductions. But they are there for you and are a great benefit.

6. Fun – We have had a lot of fun. We make great friends who are like minded and you are building something together and enjoying success. Don’t let anyone tell you its going to be easy money. Like any business it take a lot of work. But you have the flexibility to choose who you work with and when. Most network marketing companies have great reward vacations.