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Alternative Job For Call Center Agents

If you are looking for a job that will give you flexible hours with great wages then you should consider becoming a call center consultant. There are a number of companies that offer people great opportunities to become a great call center agent. Training is usually provided for a short period of time and experience in the field is rarely required.

If you are looking for training in the call center field there are a number of companies that might work for you. One such company is Contact Center Professionals Inc. This center has been in business for over twenty years now and it is dedicated to helping young people improve the performance of their customer service and support services skills. If you are interested in this center there are a number of ways that you can obtain information. The easiest way to access more information is from their website. This site explains what the company does and how you can become part of it. There is also a phone number that you can call and speak to a customer service represent to obtain information. It is through this phone number that you can request that information be sent to your home.

Another company that specializes in training and consulting call center agents is the Contact Center Consulting & Integration. This center helps you to achieve better customer interactions. Not only does this company help its agents but it also helps the call center as a whole. One of the benefits of using a consulting firm is that it can teach you how to enhance your call handling capabilities and processes. You will be able to create more intelligent, personalized interaction with your customers. This is very important to keeping your customers one hundred percent satisfied.

Kramer and Associates is another leading company in the area of consultant companies. In addition to helping many call center agents Kramer and Associates also helps to align call center processes with corporate goals. This has shown great result in retaining customers, staff organization and has shown that there is an improvement in spending costs amongst call center companies. In the past Kramer and Associates has also overseen the redesign of many call centers. They have worked hard to increase the number of first call resolutions which result in high efficiency. They have a number of clients who are willing to testify to how well working with Kramer and Associates was for them. Their track record speaks for itself. Many of their accomplishments can be viewed on their website.

Chiropractic Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors

Chiropractic Marketing 101

What you most likely didn’t learn about chiropractic marketing in chiropractic school:
No matter the location or size of your clinic, or the relative success you’ve experienced to this point in your career, I would be willing to bet a pretty penny that you probably have at least some attention on the number of new patients in your practice. In my years of putting 100% of my attention into the area of chiropractic marketing and new patient acquisition, I have some gems to help you fast forward to a new level of patients that you serve in your practice.

Before I go too deep into the technology of chiropractic marketing, I want to first let you know why I have a fascination with chiropractic new patients procedures. In my practice, I have spent the last 6-7 years solely working ‘on’ my practice, rather than ‘in’ my practice. What I mean by that is that I have put in place specific executive tools that have enabled me to be anywhere I want, whether it be at home, on a vacation or in a coffee shop masterminding, and my practice will actually grow in my absence (currently statistics: averages 22 new patients per week and serves over 500 patients per week). This is certainly not to boast, but simply to show you what is possible in the owning and operating a chiropractic ‘business’ rather than just a ‘clinic’. It is not magic, just simply application of some solid, proven business systems.

Anyway, my point being, I have had endless amount of time over the past 7 years fully committed to piloting and testing new chiropractic marketing methods, techniques and programs. In my journey and experimentation I came across some very specific points that I feel are extremely important and must be understood for a chiropractic marketing program to succeed for long-term growth of the office.

Here are some things you should know about chiropractic marketing and attracting new patients into your office:

There is an exact technology on how to attract new patients into a chiropractic office. You just need to learn it and apply it.
The better that you and your staff are trained on chiropractic marketing and new patient acquisition, the more control you will have over the number of new patients your practice gets.
Every factor limiting the number of new patients you currently get is an internal factor–meaning it’s not because of the economy, or your town, or anything else outside of your practice. This is good because it means you have control and can be ‘at cause’ over the expansion.
Any chiropractor can learn how to get high numbers of new patients on a consistent basis. We have proven this at the Chiropractic Business Academy…even if you ‘hate’ doing the chiropractic marketing!
If you feel your service is valuable, you should share it with more people! We need more chiropractors serving more people to help them heal and grow naturally with the chiropractic wellness lifestyle. I am sure you agree that our current national healthcare system is not healthcare at all.
Chiropractic Marketing Has a Recipe

Some doctors are surprised to learn that there are exact formulas and strategies that will literally guarantee you see more new patients. I teach these exact chiropractic marketing strategies to my clients through the Chiropractic Business Academy Marketing Courses, through the Academy Workshops and One on One Consulting. Although the exact marketing strategies are reserved for our clients, I can share with you some basics.

Your marketing success starts with your viewpoint on chiropractic marketing. To find out what your current viewpoint on chiropractic marketing is at this moment, try this simple exercise:

Write down in single words or short phrases how you feel about ‘marketing’ your practice. Successful chiropractic marketing is going to require application. So, you can start now by doing this exercise. Please take a minute and write down your feelings about marketing, before reading on.

Take a look at what you wrote. Do your responses indicate that you are excited about introducing chiropractic to new people? Can you see evidence in your responses of back-off to creating a strong marketing effort? If so, you’d really benefit from handling those points.

One of the most effective ways to change your viewpoint is to acquire correct data in that area. The more you know about chiropractic marketing for instance, the more logical your conclusions will be when making marketing decisions. And let’s face it, if you know how to be successful at something, don’t you feel better about it?

A rock-solid chiropractic marketing program has multiple sources, or we refer to them as Legos, of new patients coming into your office. For example, our Signature marketing courses and webinars cover over 40 ways to market a practice. Knowing and understanding multiple techniques makes it easy to attract 60, 80 or 100 new patients per month, or more.

Chiropractic Marketing Foundations

Here are some examples of a couple foundational approaches our clients use:

A program or method to acquire as many names and phone numbers of local people as possible. To do this we teach our Public Gift Certificate program. This specific technique has 5 different approaches and gives our clients endless leads to contact for introductory services. What form of introductory service can you provide to the public? How can you make that introductory service known to the demographic that you want to attract to your office?
Multiple strong Business to Business, or corporate programs. This is an alliance with a local business or major corporation which allows you to farm leads from their clientele or employees. We teach numerous ways to do this including Lunch Lectures, Corporate Massage programs, Wellness Events and other introductory programs. The key is to offer a truly valuable introductory service as businesses will literally be calling you to come over!
An Internal Referral Program. This should be a truly engaging, active, strategic (and fun) activity. In communicating with each patient you must direct their attention in a very precise manner–for instance, using symptoms, conditions or circumstances. Each week or every other week providing a new viewpoint on a specific unwanted condition. Your goal is to get a name AND contact information of the referred person with that unwanted condition–so you can mail them more information about their symptom or condition, as well as invite the referral into your practice.
No matter the target audience or the strategy used, there are some key factors on which to build a consistent chiropractic marketing effort:

Structure each chiropractic marketing activity so that it can be done by a non-doctor. This will allow you to pass the activity to another staff member and you can further your progress of becoming the CEO or executive director of your ‘business’ rather than running every single activity in a one-man/woman-show ‘clinic’ (we have all been there before!).
The more you market, the more new patients you will have. There is actually a direct quantifiable relationship between the number of hours and attention allocated to chiropractic marketing and the number of new patients a practice sees.
Whatever chiropractic marketing you do must communicate a concept which the consumer will understand and be interested in.
This last point is one of the most important but least understood aspects of chiropractic marketing. Additionally, to separate your identity from the other handful, dozens or even hundreds of chiropractors in your city, town or valley, you must clearly establish your uniqueness alongside with this concept.
As you become more established with your ‘Legos’ of chiropractic marketing you see this pay off for the long-term. What makes you different from the other chiropractors in your area?

In summary, I am happy that you are a chiropractor and are here to help a lot of people in your community. We definitely need to be helping more of the people in our towns find the best natural and holistic way to enhance their health: chiropractic! As a chiropractic coach, my goal in the chiropractic management game is to get you to the finish line first. I truly hope this article stimulates and inspires some of you into action with your chiropractic marketing so that you can reach, teach and touch more of these people!

5 Costly Mistakes I Made Starting A Network Marketing Home Based Business

For the first 12 years of my Network Marketing career, I tried everything my company told me to do to generate sales and build a solid network marketing team. As customers and distributors came and went, I found myself constantly breaking even and going out of my way to make sure I didn’t go into debt. None of the techniques I was trained on worked, so what was I doing wrong?

When I decided to change my way of thinking, I found a training program that taught me how to market properly. Not only did it provide me with techniques that actually helped get my business moving, it allowed me to look back at what I did and realize why I failed for so many years. If you want to stop spinning your wheels in your network marketing business, learn from the following mistakes I made and avoid yourself a lot of wasted time and money.

Mistake #1: Attending Company-Sponsored Trainings
The first thing your company will tell you to do is make a committment to attend their monthly trainings. The more people you invite, the more who will show up and the bigger your business will be. Sounds logical, right? Maybe so, but it doesn’t work. All monthly trainings are good for is inspiration. Although it will get your spirits up to be around your colleagues, you need to find an education program outside of your company if you want to build a solid business.

First of all, only about 10% of the people you spend all month inviting to your meeting will actually show up. Secondly, the techniques they teach you are for the good of the overall company, not you as an independent business owner. After 12 years of attending trainings and never missing one, I found myself with three people committed enough to attend every month in my team…and they weren’t building their businesses either!

Mistake #2: Falling For The Latest Fad To Generate Leads
Every time I turned around, someone somewhere was coming up with a new way of getting tons of customers. Whether it was holding home parties, distributing samples, holding weight loss challenges, starting a club, or spending tons of money on a fancy website system, I tried them all. None of them ever worked for me like it did for the person who “started” it. In fact, I never really met anyone I worked with that had success following these fads either.

The reason these things don’t work is because they don’t follow the basic principles of marketing. They approach doing business the same way, but underneath a different facade. The only way to get qualified prospects is to know who your target audience is and use techniques to get them coming to you. These people have a want, need and desire for what you have to offer. Putting up a website and buying expensive leads will do nothing but drain your bank account.

Mistake #3: Depending On Others To Follow Through
How many times have you hung up the telephone excited that someone said they were going to buy your product or sign up into your business when you call them back, but when the time comes nothing happens? It happened to me on a daily basis. After a while it really gets on your nerves and you begin doubting yourself.

I saved a ton of time and money when I stopped doing call-backs. I realized that if people want what I have to offer, they are going to sign up with me before I hang up the telephone. If not, it is up to them to call me back…not the other way around. If you spend all your time chasing after people, you’ll never grow a successful home-based business.

Mistake #4: Talking To My Friends & Family
This technique worked for people 30 years ago before the world became over-saturated with everyone and their brother trying to get rich quick. Companies still teach this because it gets their message out faster. All it will do for you is either get you one or two customers, or get you blackballed from the next family reunion. Either way, it will not help you grow a business. Long after you have quit, though, your company will probably still be making a profit off your friend who committed to buying their product on a monthly basis.

Mistake #5: Being A Follower Instead Of A Leader
Following my company’s plan of action molded me into a follower. In order to be a success in Network Marketing, you must develop the mindset of a leader. The minute I decided to step away from the traditional way of doing business, I disassociated myself with the 96% of people who fail in this industry. Not only did I begin to build my business, but I can now help other people turn their businesses around as well. That’s something a leader does, not a follower.

Cisco Systems: Ethics Training Best Practices

At the end of 2008, Cisco Systems revealed their unique approach to ethics training for their workforce. Many companies look for ways to make training enjoyable for employees. Cisco Systems has been able to prove that a company can effectively incorporate humor into an ethics training program and still get the message across. In the article “Cisco Transmits Ethics To A ‘Wired’ Workforce,” by Andrew Singer, Ethics Program Manager Jeremy Wilson stated “all too often training officers are inhibited by the thought that “legal would not like that.” Compliance-related topics are inherently dry, and companies shouldn’t shy away from seeking new ways to connect with your code and your employees.”

Connecting with a “Connected” Bunch
One of the key factors allowing Cisco to carry out such a creative approach to their ethics training is all of their employees work on computers and are connected to the Internet. The “Cisco Transmits Ethics To A ‘Wired’ Workforce,” article by Andrew Singer also featured comments from Christine Style, the Ethics Marketing Manager at Cisco, who mentioned “Cisco’s ethics office has at any time between two and five individuals working in it—yet it must get the message out to more than 50,000 employees. We are utilizing technology to do this, including communication instruments like blogs and discussion forums so we are not answering the same question 50 times.”

Even if the entire organization isn’t connected to computers and Internet, there may be certain groups within the organization that are. To become more effective, these types of tools could be implemented into their training program.

Cisco’s “Ethics Idol”
Another way to connect with employees is to engage them with something that they are familiar with. At Cisco, they created animated videos as part of a series called “Ethics Idol”, a parody of the tv show “American Idol”, in order to spark employee interest in the training process. Jeremy Wilson explained the premise of “Ethics Idol” in this article:

“Featured on Cisco’s Intranet, it presented a series of animated ethics scenarios that are evaluated by judges. Cartoon characters sing about different ethics situations—sales practices, procurement issues, and other common dilemmas. Employees also vote, making their judgment calls on each ethical situation. The ‘contests’ have also been run by DVD in a live setting. Cisco managers use ‘Idol’ handbooks that explain how to run the contest. Ethics Idol helped raise awareness to Cisco’s employees that each ethical dilemma is not always cut and dried, and if they should have any questions to refer to the Cisco Code of Business Conduct for guidance.”

In another article by Jim Duffy on NetworkWorld regarding Cisco’s innovate ethics training program, Jeremy Wilson was quoted saying “We even had several employees volunteer to sing or perform in future Ethics Idol modules. For the first time in Cisco’s history, employees are excited for the next round of ethics training.”

We have discussed the importance of ethics and compliance training in our article “How to Maximize Your Compliance Training ROI”. The example at Cisco Systems ties in nicely with the article because it shows that training can be something employees look forward to. During training, you are asking employees for their attention and time away from their work tasks, make the most of the time and present the content in the form of something your employees can relate to. Cisco Systems has done a great job tapping into their employees in order to get a strong return on investment in their training programs.