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Integrity in Network Marketing – Home Based Business Advertising

I have recently been reading all kinds of articles, blogs and reports that are putting down companies and then at the end, promote the writers own. This seems a lot like a dirty political race where everyone tries to slander the other to get ahead. Not sure why or how these people think that it benefits them, or why the people that read these pages actually believe this person.

My background consists of a degree in Business Administration Marketing and I have been involved in many different aspects of advertising for a lot of various industries. For the past 7 years, I have been an owner of a home based MLM business and do advertising for retail as well as the business opportunity. I never understood slandering someone else to get people to like you…doesn’t make sense to me.

The work from home industry is a tough business as it is, and finding one that is legitimate is even harder. Now do not get me wrong, I believe in making sure that all the scams that are out there get exposed and the only way to do this is to write about them. This is not what I am talking about though. I am talking about those out there that put down, slander and try to discredit their competition to try and make themselves look better. Why can’t they try and advertise on the merits of their business and attract prospects that way. I think it is because they either do not know what the merits are or do not understand them. It is easier to put someone else down than to prove yourself in the eyes of another.

All MLM and Network Marketing businesses have one major benefit in common. All provide the opportunity for people to make money from home. After this, each has their own aspects that would appeal to prospects. Why do they not focus on those unique benefits instead? All this name calling, finger pointing and accusations only put us all in a bad light in the eye of the public. And isn’t it this public that we are trying to gain as clients or business prospects? If you cannot prove to these people why they should join your or take your product instead of another company’s, then why do you not belong to that other company? This should give you something to think about.

Starting Your Home Based Business With MLM Prospecting and Generating Leads

Starting your own home based business can be hard, never easy. You always need money to pay your bills, and things just don’t happen for you very easily in terms of getting unique visitors, them turning into leads, converting those leads into prospects and then actual clients, and then enrolling them into your primary business. All of this while trying to pay your bills. It’s hard for a person whether they are single or whether they have a big family to support so I won’t talk about that. What a lot of people don’t realize is that business expenses are 100% tax deductible, but that doesn’t make it free, especially if you’re not earning any money. So most people that start with a home based business do so while having a job or do so from savings as a big investment.

They are many types of home based businesses and most of them, I mean besides the kind that are there for stuffing envelopes, require the use of a telephone or more often the computer with an internet connection. All home based businesses pay you for how much processing or prospect conversions that you do.

This is especially true with a Network Marketing or MLM home based business. So how do you get your unique visitors to come to you? How do you turn those unique visitors into leads? How do you get them as prospects who are interested in your company or product? And, how do you actually enroll them into your business as a client? That’s when they are now in your boat asking these exact same questions. Questions that you, like I will have to answer for them.

So the first step, getting unique visitors is usually the most easiest thing to do, specifically you must invest enough money into marketing. But how much does it cost, and are you marketing in a specific niche that is interested or caters to your product or service? Once you find your target niche, after that you have to worry about your competition. So how do you stay ahead? Well, it’s really up to you. And I’m going to try to help you as much as I can.

First of all, what is a niche market? A niche market is composed of individuals and businesses that have similar interests and needs, which can be readily identified, and that can be easily targeted and reached. Finding a niche for your business means finding a great product or service for a highly targeted audience. An example of a niche market is women teenagers clothing, or boys clothing, or catering for needs of the elderly.

A great tool is ranking on Google for free, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve which I won’t discuss in this article and am saving for my personal team. Another great tool is pay per click advertising using overture, word tracker, or my favorite, Google AdWords. This is where you can find a specific keyword term with less than 300,000 results that you can actually compete in. Of course pay per click marketing is very expensive, and seldom people can afford this at first unless you’re already making money with your online business. But to find a good keyword phrase with little competition use Google’s, Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. Just Google that phrase on Google and you’ll find it.

But before I get into more trends, I have to establish that if you’re going to have an online business, what you need is a lead capture page and an email auto-responder so people can subscribe to your newsletter and it helps you keep track of your leads. Now if your great with computer technology you can get a very affordable domain name with GoDaddy and host it for less than $4 per month using HostGator but then you have to really understand html and create a programming environment where every time someone clicks somewhere on your page that, that information is tracked, stored, and processed using some type of program environment tool. Most people that have a home based online business or are interested in having one are not savvy enough with computers, much less savvy when it comes down to html and especially programming. Things like cgi scripting, perl scripting, php, asp, java, java scripting, etc. What most people need is a capture page that already has everything set up and running for you. A capture page that lets you sit back, relax, and see exactly what is going on with your online campaign. This isn’t going to cost you $4 dollars per month. If you want all these tools available to you you’re going to have to find something a lot more technologically practical, useful, convenient, sound, and concrete; and yet still at an affordable price. Say for under $50 per month? I personally recommend this site. It’s called lead system pro and it automates a lot of or all of the things necessary to effectively host a web capture or lead page and allowing you to track your visitors and doing a whole bunch of other cool things, basically also giving you a back office where you can manage and edit your site and content without any knowledge of html or web based programming. You could also take advantage of a whole bunch of Web 2.0 applications that are all free and link them into your capture page. Applications such as youtube, MySpace, Facebook, twitter, and more are covered in the tutorial section with step by step video guidance in lead system pro. The company also has recorded webinars or phone/computer seminars that are pre-recorded that you can watch or listen to so you can take examples from what others already know and apply it to your own site(s) and business and market that way.

You’ll also need some type of advertising that you can do about every 3 days or so in order to get consistent traffic coming to your site. I know about two services which cost about $200 each for 1 year and I think that, that is a great offer. It comes down to advertising costs of about a little over $16 dollars per month each, and lead system pro shows and tells you about these great non-spamming email list advertising programs. So you can learn a lot of information from that website, and I highly recommend it. It costs about $1 for a 14 day trial, where all other similar hosting sites only give you a 7 day trial for the same price, and probably offer a lot less. They also offer you a bunch of affiliate programs that you can sign up for on other websites to generate money from each lead whether or not they join you in your primary business or not.

Now I know I’m talking about a lot of upfront money here just for a capture page and advertising, but if you decide that you want to join my team, I’ll share with you ways to do marketing and generate 20 leads per day guaranteed and all for free.

But for now, let’s get back to more trends. How do you turn those unique visitors to turn into leads? Leads are people that opt-in or sign up for your newsletter, an interested market, that put in their real name, email, and phone number and automatically get put on your auto-responder newsletter. If you’re worried about the auto-responder newsletter, don’t be, lead system pro has all of that built in and taken care of so you don’t have to write a thing to your list unless you want to. Once a person is a lead, there’s no cold calling, no hunting people down, no convincing other people or telling them about your business. These are people that are already interested, so they are called your warm market. What that means is that they’re open to you, what you have to say, and what you have to offer. But although I’ve told you what a warm market is and what a lead is, I never explained how you turn those unique visitors into these leads.

Simply put, to turn a unique visitor into a lead requires original content. Just like you’re reading my article now, or watching one of my videos on YouTube, you need to be descriptive, creative, and unique basically coming up with a marketing formula or system that brands you instead of your company. That is what makes people interested in what you have to offer them. People are not generally interested in buying into a company. People are more interested in leaders so what they will usually do is sign up with the person that offers them the most value. And that person, that leader, is going to be you. And I’ll show you how.

You need to create Your own unique selling position – study your competition to find out what they emphasize about the product which makes them stand out from the crowd or their niche that you want to compete in. Then decide on something that will make your business unique from the others. It could be something unique about the product, the service, or you, or you could choose a more highly defined target market. You need to build and promote your web site – to develop a profitable web site for your niche product you need to create a number of informative pages that will not only attract visitors from the search engines, but inform and move them to purchase from your site.

Define Your Purpose – Without a clear purpose for your site, you will not know where you are heading, for example, to help small business owners attain a presence on the web to sell their product or service. Now, write down the statement of purpose for your web site. Go over it a few times to make sure it is crystal clear, then write an article and/or make a video. Otherwise your unique visitors will be trying to figure it out for themselves.

Realize many others may be competing to sell the same product. Focus on something unique you may have to offer, that stands out from your competitors. If you are setting up a company, make sure it is a reputable company with a good track record with lots of help available from others involved, such as your upline, partners, coaches, mentors, etc. Don’t recklessly jump in – you will waste a lot of time and money. This is the number one reason, why many entrepreneurs give up so quickly and basically fail.

You have to have to put on your customers shoes. Make a thumb nail sketch of this person – who is your customer? What is his/her wants, needs and worries? Try to understand what makes them tick. Then you can understand what gain you can offer and what worry you can solve. This is the only way to gain trust or confidence in your customer so that they will buy from you in a very competitive market.

Develop your product that addresses one or more of these needs. Always refer back to your thumbnail sketch as you write for your site. Elaborate on the points that fit your product and what it delivers. As you start writing, new ideas will naturally emerge, but always keep them focused on your targeted customer so you won’t go off the track of what your customer wants. Remember, to sell to your customer you have to have their wants and needs in mind.

Maybe you have seen the ads, “Get 10,000 visitors to your site, for only $20”. Wow, you think, that’s a great bargain, I’ll go for it. The result – 10 people visiting your site and no one buying. What do you do?

Write Your Copy to Sell – When you begin to write the copy for your site, always stress the benefits. Develop a theme for your site that focuses on this benefit and don’t stray from it.

Also, make your customer want to click through to the next page or click through to your order page.

Now, that you have identified your targeted customer and written copy tailored to solving your customers’ problems, you will no longer lose those that you have driven to your site.

More realistically put, to turn a unique visitor into a lead, as mother said, you only get one chance to make a first impression – and that’s the one that sticks. What she didn’t say was that when it comes to web sites, not only must it create a good impression, it must be effective.

Your web site has two choices. It can choose to sit quietly in the corner like a wimp, or it can engage with visitors, make contact, and do business. Not much different to a real world encounter when you think about it. If you have something to offer, you either go out and tell people about or sit home and get ignored. And guess which web site does more business – the inactive wimp or the pro-active go-getter?

But there’s a problem. To interact online, you have to have some way of establishing contact with your visitor. Most importantly, finding out who they are, what they need and when they need it. With lead system pro, on your capture page they have a form where people put in their name, email, and phone number. This is what you need to contact the person and truly find out their needs.

Let’s get one very common misconception out of the way. However good it is, don’t expect your web site to sell your organization, your product or your service immediately; it won’t.

Using the Web is called browsing for a reason. Visitors are browsing, not shopping. But be it on the Net or in the local shopping mall or store, people do see things that catch their eye while browsing [aka window shopping]. They do ‘come in’ and ‘look around’. They may not need what you have at the moment. They may not even be able to afford it right now. But they are interested or they would not have ‘come in’ and browsed around. Your web site’s critical task is to ensure that when they can afford it or when they do need it; they know exactly where to find your web site – easily and quickly. But how do we achieve that?

I use the term pro-active. To me web sites that just sit there and wait for visitor requests or signs of interest are re-active [aka: wimps]. They do nothing until poked by the visitor. Pro-active web sites poke the visitor – in the nicest possible way, of course! It is vital your web site finds a way to engage your visitors again in the future.

You must always give in order to receive. The better quality you give, the more you receive. It is a universal law of nature established long before the Internet or probably even the dinosaurs. Provide a *quality* ‘something’ to you visitors in exchange for the ability to contact them. Then treat this exchange with the care and respect it deserves and, sooner or later, that visitor will become your client. It may take days, maybe months, but sooner or later, when they have a real need of what you provide, they will come to you and ask for it – guaranteed. You won’t have to sell it. They will want to buy it.

A good example of this is building that email list and writing articles for your leads to read on a weekly basis, sort of like a newsletter, adding value and insight, not just promoting what you can do for them but also helping them to solve a want or need as well.

Thousands of people may visit your site every day. This is totally futile unless you help them to help themselves. Help them remember you by offering articles, newsletters, RSS feeds, Blogs, Videos or whatever does it for you. There are many avenues you can choose from. Whichever you choose, don’t just have your web site sit there in the corner looking pretty – and doing nothing. Make it work for its living.

Use the Internet to Generate and Qualify Leads Into Your Network Marketing Home Based Business

Recruit quality leads into ANY Network Marketing or MLM home based business using the internet. Know your role in YOUR business. You are not just a representative for your chosen company, you are an entrepreneur and the CEO of your own company. As a CEO you are only interested in recruiting the most qualified leads into your home base Network Marketing / MLM business. With the proper system, the Internet allows you to do this.

Why? These are the true “Willing.” These folks found you, raised their hands and asked to join your organization. These are the people that deserve your time and realize that they are CEO’s of their companies. You must have an Internet marketing system that generates leads, sorts only the top recruits out for you and then qualifies them, recruits them into your business and then trains them as an added bonus.

If you have this kind of system the results can be staggering. After learning Internet Network Marketing / MLM strategies, my team and I have grown our RESIDUAL INCOMES as high as 4000% more in 60 days than it was in after 3 years!

Additionally, attrition of team members in my organization has gone down dramatically after harnessing the Internet and creating a true marketing funnel. And because your leads have already qualified themselves and decided to seek you out, they are much more likely to go into action to grow their organizations without having to be prodded. If you would like to know a step-by- step system that you can use to make money in any network marketing / MLM home based business on the Internet, visit the links in the Resource box below.

Throw away your names list. Stop chasing 100 “No’s.” Don’t spend another dime on buying leads. Stop overcoming objections. Do what only the professional Network Marketers do, and only work “With the willing.” Learn how to recruit only the most targeted qualified leads through this lead generating system, used by heavy-hitters in the online Network Marketing arena.

Throw away your names list. Stop chasing 100 “No’s.” Don’t spend another dime on buying leads. Stop overcoming objections. Do what only the professional Network Marketers do, and only work “With the willing.” Learn how to recruit only the most targeted qualified leads through this lead generating system, used by heavy-hitters in the online Network Marketing arena.

Valuable Tips to Start an Internet Marketing Home Based Business

Most people get confused and lost in their search for an internet marketing home based business. This is understandable since the information available on the internet is overwhelming. Unfortunately, the majority of the people end up picking the wrong business because of the irrelevant criteria they use in their selection. What you need is a business model that guide you to find the right business for you. This model should consist of two parts: business goals and business preferences.

Business Goals

It is recommended that you list the goals you want to achieve from your business and adding the compelling reasons for selecting them. These goals can be related to personal development, things you want to purchase or financial goals. For instance, at the personal level, you like to have flexible hours to spend more time with the family or live a healthier lifestyle. The financial level might include achieving more independence by increase in income or elimination of debts. Whatever your goals are, they will reflect aspects that you want to fix. Going through this exercise is worth all the time and efforts since it will pay off in your decisions to pick the right internet marketing home based business that is meant for you.

Business Preferences

You need to define what role you want to play in the business and how it will match up with your skills, your interests and personality. Weather you decide to start your internet marketing home based business alone or with a company like affiliate, MLM, or mentoring program, it is critical to look into the business structure which includes:
– The company history and CEO biography
– The number of total versus active members or associates or distributors:
– The cost to join,
– The compensation plan,
– The kind of products offered,
– The training support tools
– Coaching support

Giving the deserved thought about the above items will help assess the level of risk or opportunity in joining, the amount of learning you will get and the potential profits that you will make.