14 Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing As a Home-Based Business

Due to higher gas prices and a faltering job market, more people than ever before are attempting home based businesses. There are many types of home based businesses. One of the fastest growing home based businesses is affiliate marketing. This article will explain affiliate marketing and compare the pros and cons of becoming an affiliate marketing agent.

Affiliate marketing is a home based business by which a person or group sign up to represent products and or services offered over the internet. Simply put, the affiliate marketing agent works as an independent marketing or advertising agent who attempts to draw more customers to purchase goods from the company the affiliate marketer represents. Just about anyone who owns a computer and can afford internet service is a candidate to make extra cash through affiliate marketing. What are some pros and cons of becoming an affiliate marketing agent?

Some of the pros for becoming an affiliate marketing agent are:

o Affiliate marketing is a relatively new field.

o Ecommerce continues to grow at a rapid rate expanding the opportunities for affiliate marketing agents.

o Start up costs can be are relatively low ranging from $2000 down to $250 depending on what equipment a person already has and how quickly that person wants to get up to speed. Most people have a computer and internet service already, so they only need to purchase a couple ebooks on the subject to be on their way.

o There many low or no cost training materials available to help get started.

o You are your own boss.

o You make your own hours.

Some of the cons of affiliate marketing are:

o Learning how to become an effective affiliate marketing agent can be time consuming and frustrating.

o Affiliate marketing takes patience and perseverance.

o The new entrant will not make money overnight. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.

o As the opportunities for affiliate marketers increase, so do the number of active competitors who are pushing the same or similar product as yours.

o Some of your friends and family members will think you are lazy and weird.

o Unless you have a huge amount of seed capital to get started, you will probably have to work 16 hour days to get things going.

o Choosing the right products or services to represent can be a daunting task.

Affiliate marketing is a fledgling industry which poses many opportunities for a bona fide and viable home based business. As the internet and ecommerce continue to expand, so will the opportunities to become an independent rep of both large and small companies with an internet presence. This article has sketched out some of the pros and cons of building a home based business through affiliate marketing.